IZVESTIA of the Russian Academy of Education

Date of creation of the “Izvestia of the Rusian Academy of Education” reviewed scientific journal — 1998 year.

Scientific journal “Izvestia of the Russian Academy of Education” is a practice-oriented journal for educators, psychologists and other specialists of the education system.

Journal publishes articles of leading scientists, theory specialists in the field of pedagogy, practising workers of system of education.

Scientific journal “Izvestia of the Russian Academy of Education” is an officially registered publication, which goes through the whole editing nd proofreading cycle.

Articles sent for publishing must fit the scientific discipline, by which the journal is included into the Reviewed scientific publication list, —
5.8.1. General Pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education (pedagogical disciplines)
The journal is included into the data base and in information and reference publication of the Russian Research Citation Index (RRCI)

Publication frequency: 4 journals annually
Format — A4
ISSN (printed version): 2073-8498
DOI: 10.51944/20738498_

Subscription index: 71933 (http://www.ural-press.ru/catalog/rules)
Website: https://mpsuinfo.ru/journals/2/izvestiya-rossiiskoi-akademii-obrazovaniya
Full texts of the articles presented in the journal can be found on the website: https://elibrary.ru/contents.asp?titleid=8712

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