Published Date: 30.11.2022

Continuous development of personality psychology over the past thirty years


This article presents a review of the latest edition of the “Handbook of Personality: Theory and Research” (2021). Newest version presents modern research in the field of personality psychology, which reveals new prospects for its development. In addition to a new perspective on the personality characteristics already discussed in previous editions, the latest handbook edition describes the study results on the relationship between aspects of personality and external conditions, as well as information on the influence of the latter on personality development. The review analyzes the new trends in the research of personality psychology which are highlighted by the authors of the handbook.


1. Handbook of Personality : Theory and Research — 2d ed. / ed. by L. A. Pervin. — N. Y., NY : The Guilford Press, 1990. — 738 p.
2. Handbook of Personality : Theory and Research. — 4th ed. / ed. by O. P. John, R. W. Robins. — N. Y., NY : The Guilford Press, 2021. — 963 p.

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